The three R's of sustainability

Separate the rubbish

We divide garbage into organic and inorganic. By separating organic waste, it allows us to create our own compost for the gardens. Inorganic waste is integrated into local collectors, allowing them to create a habit that helps generate a source of income.


Biodegradable products

Biodegradable products are used for cleaning the hotel areas. These are manufactured with totally natural materials, they are non-polluting products that can be destroyed by microorganisms, they degrade without any human process, avoiding leaving toxic residues in nature. Of all the most harmful waste produced by human beings, there is plastic, which is why at Hotel Puerta Chichen we replace it with dispensers for shampoo and soap.


Organic products

By using fruits and vegetables in local businesses, as well as other ingredients for the food that is prepared in the restaurant, the economic and social benefits of the local community are maximized, contributing to a work environment worthy of the workers of the communities near the hotel.


Solar energy

At Hotel Puerta Chichen we reduced energy consumption as much as possible through LED lighting and the correct use of efficient appliances. In addition, making the most of natural resources such as sunlight and natural air for white drying. We will also implement in the short term the installation of solar panels. By its nature, the solar panel does not emit greenhouse gases, so it does not contribute to global warming. The sun's energy adapts to natural cycles (renewable energy), which is why it is an essential element of a sustainable energy system that allows present development without putting future generations at risk.


Water reuse

At Hotel Puerta Chichen we implement the reuse of water to irrigate the gardens, which we take care of and give special maintenance to conserve extensive green areas, generating a healthy environment.


Social responsability

Hotel Puerta Chichen is part of: Fundación Papaya Cancún AC that is dedicated to the construction of schools in the communities of the region and we sponsor children's and women's baseball teams that lack resources for their equipment.